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Eternity in a Grain of Sand: The Most Perfect Silence of Jollyroger.com

ISBN: 1930151101

This is a book of sonnets.  The sonnets have a modern theme to them, but they deal with many classic ideas.  Many of the sonnets deal with love and love lost. I don't want to miss-lead you.  There are more than a few sonnets that deal with the author's views on society, etc.  Some of my favorite sonnets are in this book.  If your looking for a good read, I would suggest this book.  If you're not really into poetry or sonnets, you may find this book a little boring. 

You Don't Need Meat by Peter Cox

ISBN: 0312303386

If you've ever thought about being a vegetarian or wondered about the health benefits of being vegetarian, you should at least give this book a try.  Now, the book starts out innocently enough.  You get a good insight into the health benefits, etc.  However, near the middle of the book, the author then begins "the talk".  What I mean by "the talk" is where the author begins to describe what the animals go through in slaughter houses, mistreatment of animals, and the basic ingredients of foods such as hotdogs. 

I'm not a big animal right activist.  I understand that we live in an imperfect world, and animals are going to be slaughtered and handled in less than adequate conditions.  However, I suggest that if you are going to try and live a healthier lifestyle, give the book a try.  I'll warn you though, you may not eat a hotdog or chicken sandwich after reading this book!

Interview with a Vampire  by Anne Rice

ISBN:  0345337662

After having the book sit on my shelf for about three years, I decided to give it a try.  If you're not into vampires, don't read this book.  Personally, I've always been fascinated by vampires. No, I don't think they are real.  It's fiction!

When I started this book, I didn't know what to expect.  I knew a movie had been made from the book, but I hadn't seen the movie.  The book does a very good job of portraying the life of a vampire.  If you're expecting to see vampires acting like they do in television shows and movies, you're going to be very disappointed.  I think that's why I read the book.  The vampires are portrayed not as mindless animals that kill to live, but as intelligent and articulate beings.

I don't know how to recommend this book.  If you like fantasy books, then give it a try.  I really don't think this is a horror book.  In my opinion, many of the investigation shows on prime time television are more graphic and gory than this book.

The Vampire Lestat  by Anne Rice

ISBN:  0345313860

Let me start off by mentioning that this book was better than the first.  Again, if you're not into vampires you won't like this book. If you don't want the book spoiled, don't read the following.

With that said, let me begin.  This book surprised me just a little.  It started off with Lestat waking up in 1984 after sleeping for a very long time.  He falls in love with modern society and it's music.  So begins Lestat's journey to becoming a rock star, or so Anne Rice would have you believe.  Actually, most of the book instead goes back to Lestat's childhood before he was a vampire.  You get to really understand him, and his friend Nicholas.  Without giving away too much, I'll sum it up.   Lestat meets many vampires in Paris, namely Armand.  You'll remember Armand from the first book.  After leaving Paris, agitated with not having any answers as to who he is, he begins searching for a folklore named Marius.  In this quest, Lestat finds out more than he bargains for about the history of vampires.  This section of the book goes back and revisits Marius' turning as well.  So, you get to read about the history of Lestat and Marius, and a little of Armand.  You'll also get a glimpse of Pandora, Marius' fledgling.

In the end, we get a little wrap up on the rock star storyline, but all in all, that is a very minor segment of the book.  After reading the book, I decided that the whole book could have stood alone without the whole rock star blah.  But,  it's  a very interesting book.  If you liked the first book Interview with a Vampire, you'll love this one. 

Queen of the Damned  by Anne Rice

ISBN:  0345351525

It has taken me about three months to finally get through this book.  I don't want to say it took so long because it was boring. No,  I just was busy and couldn't read as much as I had wanted.  I did make a major mistake while reading this book; I decided to see the movie.   The movie is NOTHING like the book.  Everything including the ending is different.  In my opinion,  the movie should not have been named after the book.  They were really that different.  But, this is about the book, so lets begin.

In this book, you are going to learn an awfully lot about how the vampires were started.  In the previous book, you were given a glimpse of it, but nothing really concrete.  Now,  the book will take you back to ancient Egypt to the king and queen Enkil and Akasha.  You'll also meet Mahahret, one of the older vampires and one of the red haired twins.

When I started this book, there is a beginning chapter on the twins.  I had to read it twice for some reason.  If you find that chapter a little boring or out of place,  keep reading.  Near the end of the book,  the tale of the twins is better explained.  Yes,  you will also meet a host of new vampires along with ones you've already met such as Armand, Louis, etc. 

Of the first three books,  this one is by far the most informative with regards to the vampire origins and other vampires.  You'll also begin to see the romantic side of Lestat along with his conscience for what is wrong and right.   I know this hasn't been the most fluid of book reviews, but in a way it reads like the book.  It's a little choppy, but you get the point in the end. (hopefully)

*Please, don't watch the movie until after reading the book!  It will only make you second guess what you have read.  They ARE that different.

The Tale Of The Body Thief by Anne Rice

ISBN:  034538475X

This is an interesting book. At times, it's actually very funny. Basically,
Lestat is offered something he has wanted for sometime; mortality. He comes across this guy who has the ability to leave his body and enter into other bodies. With his spiritual powers he's been following Lestat and trying to enter his body. Well, upon meeting/confronting this person, Lestat is given the option of switching bodies. He has the chance of feeling like a human again, to wander in the daylight! I won't give it away, but it's definately worth the read. We also get to see more of David Talbot in this story, which is a plus. The book isn't all fun and games. There are some sad moments where Lestat has to deal with who he is and how that's excepted by humans.

Memnoch The Devil by Anne Rice

ISBN:  0345409671

I'm currently reading this book. I'm about two-thirds the way through this one and I have to say it's been BORING. The whole idea of Lestat and the Devil meeting and discussing the origins of creation sounds great, but when it drags on for several hundred pages, it get's old. You don't get the typical character development from Lestat or David Talbot or the other main characters like you do in the other previous books. Instead you're presented with the Devil's point of view on how things became what they are and how Lestat can help him. Unless this book get's better quick, I'm going to quickly go onto the next one.

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