About this Site

My name is Brett,  I started brettville.com as website to post pictures I've taken, personal info, and whatever else I wanted.  This site is intended for my own entertainment. This website has been running since August of 2002. 

I've noticed a city in France uses the name Bretteville (notice the spelling difference?), THIS WEBSITE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT CITY.  In fact, this website has nothing to with any city that might call itself Brettville.

brettville.com terms of use:

  1. All material located under the domain of brettville.com is not to be duplicated in any form or medium. The domain of brettville.com includes all subdomains, and folders attributed to brettville.com.
  2. The ONLY exception is OKC Bombing terms of use #2.

OKC Bombing

This website is in no way associated with the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial, or any official or unofficial organization related to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial.

Use of content located in the OKC bombing section (brettville.com/okc) must adhere to the following terms of use:

  1. Images created or photographed by Brett Pierce will NOT be duplicated, linked to other websites, or used on any website outside the brettville.com domain without my (Brett Pierce) written permission. This includes but is not limited to blogs, online journals, and webpages.
  2. Use of content is allowed for academic research papers provided appropriate credit is given to the source.
  3. The term 'academic research papers' does NOT include online papers, or websites. (See term 1)

If you have any questions about the terms of use, or you would like to use some material, please send your request to brett@brettville.com


All donations made to brettville.com by means of the Pay Pal link located at http://www.brettville.com/donate.html  are used at my discretion.  The donations made to brettville.com are just that; a donation.  No contract of work or any obligation is implied when a donation to brettville.com is made.


Throughout the site, you will find ads that I feel are tastefull in appearence and usefull. I would not put an ad on the site, if I didn't use the product or feel that it was a good product. I will never put 'flashy' or 'crazy' advertisements on the site.

The Gallery

All images in the public section of  "The Gallery" located at http://www.brettville.com/gallery are the property of brettville.com. 


The demographics located at http://www.brettville.com/demographics.php or any demographic data listed within the domain of brettville.com pertains only to the virtual city of brettville.com unless stated otherwise. None of the data refers to an actual city. All demographic data is generated randomly.


If you have any questions regarding this site, please contact me at the email below.  Otherwise, enjoy the site.